did a few acoustic covers at an open mic if anyone cares to check out! youtu.be/Ze6pNbtOjoc?si=HWH_EW

mixed on Linux with @ardour and video edited with @kdenlive

Fedora on Apple Silicon, with Plasma and Wayland?

That's an impressive feat! Congrats to all the team!!! 🎉 😍



Let's all remember in the wake of this ceasefire that back in 2008, Israel violated a ceasefire by bombing a tunnel and killing people, reported on the same day that Obama won the presidency. The news was buried and when Hamas retaliated, Israel lied about who broke the ceasefire.

when did the list of "top" memoirs become a cesspool of celebrities' talking about their zero-th world problems?

Look after bees.

Post from a local Beekeeper 🐝
“Its late, and maybe in the morning I'll delete this post, but I've just got home and for now I need to write this down.
Earlier this evening I received a message from a home owner to say they had a swarm of bees in their hedge, but they were worried about them because children had been throwing water at them.
By the time my fellow beekeeper and I arrived, what had been a beautiful prime swarm was reduced to a few hundred drenched bees, huddling limply around their queen.
I've already deleted the photos of the puddles of water, the dripping wet hedge, and the many, many dead and dying bees that hadn't been able to escape the attack; sharing those pictures serves no purpose.
We gently placed the bees that had survived into a collection box, and hopefully tomorrow, when they've had chance to dry out and settle, we'll check on them and if necessary feed them; they'll be exhausted and possibly (understandably) defensive. They've been through a lot.
Please, please, help me to educate your children, your grandchildren, your neices and nephews, your neighbours, your colleagues and your friends that a swarm of bees isn't dangerous - they're amazing creatures that are just looking for a new home.
Please don't let anyone harm them. Just call a beekeeper who will gladly rehome them.
Please help me to spread this message and hopefully save any more bees from being unnecessarily harmed” 😢
- A Sad and unhappy Beekeeper

Signal is a nonprofit. But what does this mean in practice? Today we do something most tech co’s avoid: talk money. What does it cost for Signal to play in a lane dominated by billion $ corporations, while rejecting the surveillance business model?


it's insane to be some people have the confidence to use anime girl profile pics for company slack. can i have some of your confidence?

Just read @lisamelton 's blog post reflecting on mastodon: lisamelton.net/2023/11/03/one-. While I largely agree with the notion set forth, it's important to be able to call out echo chamber-ing that goes out here as well of certain political views, and I might be labeled too extreme to perceive it as the same disease that leftists accuses the right to often have.

What we need is better dialog, not a walled off garden away from people who disagree with us. That creates more division and hatred.

Israel really called Hamas "genocidal" terrorists, you cant make this shit up 😂

I'm all for student loan debt forgiveness, but if you are charging tax-payers instead of the banks that you (the US government) backed when they screwed students over, you are essentially just redistributing hard-working citizen's money into the hands of these big money usurious banks. The ~$321 billion must come from banks, not my taxes.

golang's implementation of generics is so poor. Always strange to see high performers pick a new language out of passion without understanding the full consequences and constraints.

e.g. there is no real way to make a struct fit the `comparable` constraints if they contain a primitive type that does not fit the same bill (like how you can overload operators in... real languages): go.dev/ref/spec#Type_constrain

100 years of June temperature anomalies over land through 2023. It will get even hotter.

Data from data.giss.nasa.gov/gistemp/.

can we also do something about public smoking and marijuana usage?

WA lawmakers vote to raise penalties for drug possession, criminalize public use of drugs
Lawmakers met in Olympia Tuesday and hammered out a 'tough compromise' to help the state deal with a substance-use crisis. The governor is expected to sign it.


language plays such a huge role in the post-science era. using words like "treatment", "affirming", "care" sets the narrative...

Transgender minors protected from parents under new WA law
Washington Gov. Jay Inslee has signed a law to protect minors seeking gender-affirming care from the intervention of estranged parents.


Sheesh, only 12 years old going through hormone therapy, us gen X parents have really failed their kids, inexcusable.

The Supreme Court rejected West Virginia’s emergency request to bar a 12-year-old transgender from competing on her middle school’s girl’s track team while litigation over the relevant state’s law proceeds in lower courts wsj.com/articles/supreme-court via @WSJ

Instagram Inhibits Inclusion

They changed the account data export schema (json) in a way that makes it more challenging to parse/structure your own data/posts.

✅ Challenge Accepted

Not only are we working on Instagram Import, we're also reaching out to NOYB regarding challenging IG data exports to meet EU regulations.

Thanks to @NGIZero for suggesting NOYB, we're ready to fight for data sovereignty.

#pixelfed #instagramImport #dataSovereignty

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