NYTimes: Al Jazeera Journalist Is Killed During Clashes in West Bank - Al Jazeera Journalist Is Killed During Clashes in West Bank nyti.ms/3kXjSnc

@elonmusk really turning out to be a hero turned modern supervillain! It feels like a movie!

@Gargron fuck fuck FUCK people really need to knock it off with this poorly thought through performative shit. Ticket removed from github, but it links here now: snippet.host/kvcb

Okay I'll come out and say it, @chrisbuckguitar took Slash's style and elevated it into a tasteful celebration of melody.

This coming from someone who has every slash record on vinyl. I still absolutely love @slash, but Chris is my new favorite

@Gargron the sad reality is that there is some truth to this. Not the US, but the world forgets events and only studies popular history, which is written by the victors. Examples like Churchill's genocide in Asia, US invasions of multiple countries in the middle-east and Israel apartheid are all great examples.

@fperson @Gargron I imagine an option to change the sorting type would solve the issue?

@Gargron it has proven useful when looking for top accounts in a given instance of interest. One of the things that would help is sorting by popularity (iirc the last time I tried it only sorted by most recently active)

Software may be immaterial, but it runs on hardware and determines its energy consumption. Making software energy efficient is crucial. Let's build energy-efficient Free Software together!


A big congrats to our friends at @valvesoftware on the release of the #SteamDeck! With it comes a new #SteamOS, complete with a brand new A/B design for seamless system updates, for which Collabora helped #Valve implement! Read more: col.la/deck @ondeck #Linux #gaming

This is important, so reboosting myself, because shit like this is proposed:

Russian people are not the aggressor. Students studying in the West are not a threat. Putin is.

And the biggest threat to him is an educated population able and willing to govern itself.

Almost 5000 Russians got arrested in Russia for anti-war and pro-Ukraine protests.

Russian people are not the aggressor. Punishing them (as opposed to Putin) is only going to make matters worse.

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@gamingonlinux there is a long way to go for likewise, especially in the pro audio world. I wish they invest more in Jack backend compatibility

What do you think about using Jami as a decentralized, secure messaging tool for communication when an authoritarian regime tries to cut the whole nation away from the Internet?


I guess we better prepare options now, before it's too late and we can't communicate with our Russian and Ukrainian friends any more...

#war #Russia #Ukraine #security #communication #gnu #jami

Neil deGrasse Tyson is not a physicist, he is a populist. So please stop worshiping him as a scientific idol, he is an idiot.

@Gargron Are there any plans (or already existing ways) for finding curated/discovering interesting accounts? wondering if there is an easy way for me to discover accounts whether in a target instance (like mastodon.social) or across instances.

@uncertainquark I was wondering because I am trying to build a knowledge system but I like reading hard copies. All solutions of taking "literature notes" that I have found people using are mostly kindle-highlights driven, so I have since been on the lookout for a good open source solution to the problem

@uncertainquark do you have a system for gathering notes in the first place? Like for example when reading books or articles on the topic? Or do you rely on doing research at the time of writing the article?

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